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Live To Spin is a documentary, filmed in high definition, revolving around the true drama, competition, and struggle that one Canadian Color Guard team has undergone while competing against the U.S. teams. Color Guard, also known as Winter Guard or Sport of the Arts, is an exciting world of performance and entertainment; a place where pageantry involves an array of equipment, movement, and skill.

Color Guard. The term ‘Color Guard’ is one that very few people in Canada are familiar with, but it is a highly recognized sport in the United States (and therefore, only the U.S. spelling of color is recognized in the sport).

Due to the lack of awareness and support needed to promote this sport in BC and Canada we decided to make a documentary about the team that will help educate people about this beautiful sport.

pacificaires documentaryThe Live to Spin documentary features the Pacificaires Color Guard team, currently the only color guard team on the West Coast of Canada. You are invited to come behind the scenes and watch the team while they practice, while they compete, and discover exactly what it takes to be a member of a Color Guard team.

We followed the team since September 2008 all the way to the World Championships in Ohio, April 2009.

One year later, on April 9th Pacificaires team won gold for Canada and received the title of 2010 WGI World Champions in the Independent A Class. The following year, 2011 the team won gold for Canada in the Open Class and bronze in the Open Class in 2013. Congratulations!!!!!!!


The “Live to Spin” documentary was broadcasted on Shaw TV on December 29, 2009 and January 3, 2010.
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