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website | graphic designer for hire
Today, more and more companies are deciding to hire freelancers instead of full or part-time employees in their marketing departments. This makes sense both financially and from a general business standpoint. Why pay someone hourly who may not be consistently productive when you can simply pay for the actual work completed?

Hi, my name is Anna Jakubowski and I am the owner-operator of No Limit Productions. I have extensive experience in graphic and web design, but my branding and marketing skills go much further. Social Media, SEO, Google Services and Video production are just a few tools that I use daily to help others build successful businesses.

I work from my home office for the duration of your project. This costs you undoubtedly less than hiring a part-time or full-time employee for your marketing projects. You only pay me for the work I actually do— so none of your money is wasted on downtime. website | graphic designer for hire

Branding and marketing agencies can break your bank account, cheap but inexperienced hobbyists and students can damage your business and make your image suffer.

If you are looking for an experienced but affordable designer, I am the right choice for your next project!

Part of my business is also working with other local marketing agencies suffering from overwhelming workflow and tight deadlines. With my easy going personality, full understanding of subcontractor responsibilities and conduct, I will make an excellent addition to your team.

Looking forward to working with you! website | graphic designer for hire

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